Stop Me if you've heard this one before...

A retired athlete, a mom and a young professional walk into a bar...

wait a minute...none of them even like bars.  I mean who needs all that added sugar and syrup and filler?

Jonny Moseley won a gold medal in freestyle skiing in Nagano in 98' and even though he no longer competes, he still likes to get after it in the mountains, in the ocean and on the soccer pitch. Malia Moseley is a mom of two (hungry) boys and also happens to be married to Jonny.  She's currently in her 10th year as Chief Procurement Officer for her family and brings a wealth of experience in label reading and taste testing. Johanna Creighton developed her passion for snacking at a young age and found a way to make it her hobby.  When these three got together, they realized that even though their pursuits are different, their needs are similar.  They all dreamt of a snack rich in protein, fiber and nutrients but without a bunch of unnecessary sugar, sodium and processed carbohydrates.  

Enter the humble sunflower seed.  When we discovered that these kernels have more nutrients per calorie than almonds or walnuts and more protein (ounce for ounce) than an egg, it was like discovering our childhood neighbor had grown up to be a supermodel with a degree in astrophysics.  We decided the world needed to be reintroduced to sunflower kernels and we set about developing three clean flavors using the finest ingredients and hand roasted them in small batches.

And here we are, three seed slingers ready to show the world that small is mighty.